If someone would have told me a week ago – heck, three days ago – that dad would be dressed and outside enjoying a cookout with family on Memorial Day, I would never have believed it. But, it happened.


Dad was discharged from Hillcrest on Friday and is now a short-term resident at a rehabilitation center in Twinsburg. He’s working on regaining some of the strength he lost during his 10-day stay in the hospital. We hope that he’ll be home by the weekend.

To see how far this man has come since we took him to the emergency room on May 18 to today is nothing short of a miracle. We talked more tonight about what he experienced during those 10 days, and I’m just so thankful that he found the inner strength and will to fight through. I’m thankful that my parents believe in the vows they took nearly 41 years ago. Because the “in sickness and in health” part has been tested for many years, but never so much as now. Regardless, mom has been by dad’s side throughout this ordeal, both day and night. I’m thankful that Kelly and I have loving and patient husbands and children that are with us through the good and bad. And finally, I’m thankful for each of you…our cheering section. Because I truly believe that days like today were made possible because of your prayers and well wishes. Thank you.

I hope you all enjoyed the beauty of this weekend with the ones you love.

Until next time,

Mary Beth

Here are a few pictures of our “picnic” this evening…


2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. So wonderful to see and hear about Chuck doing so well. Surely all the prayers must have had a hand in this! We will keep saying them to make sure Chuck is out of the woods. How happy you all look in the photos! Thank you for the update.


  2. God does answer prayers. So wonderful to hear about the family weekend. Keep up the good work Chuck and Carol also. You are looking great!


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