Dad is going home

Yesterday was a heartbreaking day as we learned that there is nothing more the caregivers at University Hospitals can do for dad. His heartrate, blood pressure and kidney and liver functions are all being controlled by medication.

We have decided as a family to take him home under hospice care. We are sad and emotional, but also in a good place, relatively speaking. The goal is to be discharged tomorrow and go home to live life away from beeping machines, numbers, sleepless nights and lab coats.

We are so very appreciative of the care that he’s received during the last 10 days and over the last six months. His positive attitude and kind heart have had an impact on every nurse and doctor he’s made contact with. It’s not often that a nurse brings you a flower and a hug just because.

It’s ironic to reflect back on this journey and think about what we wanted from it. All we ever wanted was time. How much time likely depended on the person and our own expectations and realism. But we can all agree that it would never be enough.

In May, when he was in ICU, we had tough conversations like the ones we’ve had over the last two days, only to receive the greatest gift of all – more time. Our summer was full of love and memories, baseball, softball and soccer games, a CAVS national championship, car shows and even a family getaway. We were full of hope.

And, one thing that cancer never takes from you is hope. Hope and love. We have no idea what the future holds. We have no idea how much time we have together. And, I really don’t think any of us care. We are already making plans, starting with a pit stop at Braden’s 8th birthday party tomorrow afternoon, per dad’s request.

Tomorrow is never promised, for anyone. So live today to the fullest. Let my dad be your example.

Until next time,

Mary Beth


11 thoughts on “Dad is going home

  1. Hugs, Prayers, and Love to all of you, May God and his Angels be with you all every step of this journey and give you the strength you need – I know you are treasuring the time you have and that this time is a wonderful gift .


  2. The entire Chernick family sends our love and prayers to Chuck and the Herb family. His courage is our encouragement to live life fully each and every day. We are all better off having Chuck in our lives.


  3. My buddy my pal!!! FOR REALZIES!!!! Your heart is big! Your zest for life is infectious! I” honored I was able to help you guys for even just a short period!!!! Now folks as Mr. Herb would say, ” get up and get back on and get going”!!! Prayers for peace, strength, and understanding!


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